Celebrate 11-11-11 at Yoga Form, Antwerp, Belgium

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Come and Usher in the Aquarian Age with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation!

Join Kristen MacPherson with a family yoga session at 10:30am.

Join Mona Ahmad in the evening forKundalini Yoga and dancing.

Afterwards share in a potluck feast.

These two classes are donation based. All the proceeds will be donated to the work of Swami Kamalavidya with the South African children of Childline where she has been tirelessly working for the upliftment of under-privileged children through the science of yoga.


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We are the brazilian producers of Mirabai Ceiba’s Awakened Earth Tour, that will happen friday 11.11.11 in Curitiba, Brazil.

More than a concert, it will be a celebration! a meeting plenty of music and meditation, to welcome and embrace Aquarian Age in our hearts, all together. We’re expecting the participation of about 700 people, coming from different places in Brazil.

For information and online tickets: www.mirabaiceibabrasil.com

Venue: Clube Concordia, Curitiba/PR, Brasil
Date: 11.11.11, 9:00 PM

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On Saturday, November 12, Krishna Kaur will lead us in a meditation and ceremony to help us leave behind everything we don’t want to carry into the Age of Aquarius. This is the age of Oneness, forgiveness, gratitude, community, and living as Khalsa–for each other, not at each other. This will be a time to remember our teacher and the wisdom we have gained from his teachings and his examples of Divinity and Grace.


Saturday November 12, 2011

Event begins at 11:00 a.m. at Guru Ram Das Puri.

Carpool 10:00 a.m. from the ashram parking lot.

Bring your own water.

There will be port-a-potties.


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The Dutch Association of Kundalini Yoga Teachers organize for the first time a Kundalini Yoga Festival in the Netherlands.

 On the weekend of 11 to 13 November 2011 the first Kundalini Yoga Festival in the Netherlands will be held. 
During this festival we welcome the Aquarius era, accompanied by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa from the U.S., Kundalini Yoga,
Meditations, Karam Kriya, Sat Nam Rasayan, a Peace Prayer Meditation Astrology and five sutras of the Aquarius Age.
This is a festival for everyone. This weekend, all techniques are related to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.
The Yoga Festival supports group awareness of Kundalini Yogis in the Netherlands and welcomes newcomers.
It will now take place annually and includes lectures, concerts and of course lots of mantra yoga!

For more information see: www.enterjoy.nl

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You are invited to join us as we bless and release the old era and dance in the new!  The evening includes blessing ceremony, meditation and dancing as we celebrate what was, honor what is and call in new possibility through dance.

11/11/11 7 – 10pm

Harberton Village Hall,

Tristford Road,

Harberton, TQ9 7SE

 £8, £5 concessions – bring your friends and family for an evening to remember.

Contact Hilary Bee for more details – [email protected].

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11-11-11 Celebrations at Chayo Studio in Malaysia

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Chayo Studio in Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA will be celebrating the Consciousness of the Age of Aquarius with a Powerful, Elevating and Joyful Class. Gurutej Singh, Siri Ram, Dharamjot Kaur and Rajveer Singh will be teaching and celebrating this unique energy with You with Kundalini Yoga, Deep Meditation, Dance and Music to move and transform Your Being. An amazing 11 Hour 11 Minute 11 Second Meditation the next day from 4 am – 4 pm will follow Chanting the Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das Ji. Join us and set your Spirit, Mind and Psyche for Love, Self-healing and Miracles.

Friday 11 November 2011, 7:30 pm – 9:30 Two Hour Workshop

& Saturday 12 Nov 2011, 4 am – 4 pm Miracle Mantra Meditation & Celebration
Visit us online for more details at http://www.chayostudio.com.my/eleveneleven.pdf

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Mega Weekend of Kundalini Yoga, Finland

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We are celebrating the event of 11-11-11 in Tampere, Finland, with a “Mega Weekend of Kundalini Yoga”; there will be Kirtans, satsangs, meditations, special Aquarian Sadhanas, and on Sunday 13th a Japji Workshop. On the 11th, our sangat will be camping all night in our yoga centre, watching your celebration in the 3HO TV on a big screen!  This is because of the time difference; when you start, it will be 7 p.m. our time.

Shabad Deep Kaur aka Teija Enoranta
33500 Tampere

GSM +358 40 513 1516

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11 11 11 Togo

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Nous allons célébrer l’Entrée dans l’ère du Verseau le 11 Novembre 2011, à partir de 19h00 au Centre 3HO  Togo à Tokoin – Hopital avec une médiation. Après la  méditation amuse-gueule et thé Yogi  seront servis. S’il vous plaît, venez tous partager ce moment important avec nous et amenez vos amis

A Ramatou Beach

L’homme sensorielle dans l’ère du Verseau
Nous continuons cette célébration par une journée intensive à la plage RAMATOU et si vous voulez passer cette journée avec nous, ensemble pour exceller,  nous transformer et nous élever:

DATE: 12 Novembre 2011

HEURE: 8h00 á 17h00

Le the yogui et les fruits á la charge de
l’association 3HO

Tel 336.17.24/9147.27.77
Email : [email protected]

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China Aquarian Awakening

Join us in a deep meditative experience and process of transformation to usher in a new paradigm of being. As we embrace all facets of our being we become the transparent and crystallised self. Thus we will be real and our authenticity will touch the people and our flow will fill their hearts and thus we will help establish the Age of Aquarius. Led By Sunder Singh with an international team of Kundalini Yoga Teachers, we will celebrate our common human journey and heritage. Ramadasa is a blissful, peaceful place to be, flowing with chi and known as one of the sacred Taoist places for enlightenment.

When: November 11–13, 2011
Where: Ning De, Fujian, China
Email: [email protected]
Website: ramadasa.org
Flyer: Download PDF

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Aquarian Age Silence Retreat

Shed the Past—Embrace the Now. The previous age known as Piscean Age was an age of outer expansion; it was about reaching the moon and running outward. It was about chasing, grabbing, pos-sessing and searching. The Aquarian Age is exactly opposite of that. It is about looking within, becoming silent and letting the universe come to you and through you. The sacred space of silence—Sunya—will teach you to unlearn everything Piscean and empty yourself for the Aquarian Age.

When: November 9–13, 2011
Where: Karnal, Haryana, India (2 hours drive from New Delhi)
Email: [email protected]
Website: yogiamandeepsingh.com
Flyer: Download PDF

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