Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan published in Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance


Life is based on touch. We touch each other with our eyes. We touch each other with our ears. We touch each other with songs and words. We touch physically. We touch to kill. We touch to give birth. If you look at the whole spectrum of life, it’s nothing but touch. And if you want to know the Master’s touch, then you should live by these words of Nanak:

Aad sach, jugaad sach, hai bhee sach, Naanak hosee bhee sach.

The world in the beginning was true, world throughout time is true, world now is true, Nanak says this shall always be true.

That’s the definition of touch. And that definition should become your touch. Nothing less than that will work. I am not teaching you philosophy or religion. I am teaching you reality. This is how you will enter the Age of Aquarius as leaders—rich, happy, healthy, creative, conscious, trustworthy, and worthy.

Touch a person, hold a person and then carry a person. You can’t drag anybody. You can’t lean on anybody. Carry them, simply and truthfully. And what are the words that dignify the carrying? Can you repeat after me? “I am with you.” That’s all. One line, “I am with you.”

You know what I do when people curse at me? I sit there. It lasts from fifteen to forty-five minutes, depending on the capacity of the person. And you know what I say? “I am with you, don’t worry. Nothing is going to happen. Go home, enjoy life.” That’s all.

You ask me why? The psychosomatic frequency in the molecule into the mega form can be changed into alpha, beta, and theta, in the simple sense of the voice. That’s a law nature must obey. It’s not something people understand in a subtle way. But that’s what the power is. That is the power of the word. Nobody can beat it. But you have to say, “I am with you.”

The most veteran, courageous, and pious act of a human is to be with another human, because we are like stars in the sky, born at one time and space, to be ourselves. Everybody is our coherent neighbor. All we have to do is say, “I am with you.” When you start being one with everybody, then you are actually with God, because if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.

Do not misunderstand Guru Nanak. The whole life of Nanak is to help others. He walked, he talked, he visited places, he undertook impossible journeys, he started young. From the very first day, his job was to help others.

Symbolically, when you help others, Nanak comes in you. Don’t call on him. He will be there. Forget who you are and help others. Nanak will take care of it in your life, in your family life, in your surroundings, in anything.

But one thing you have to do: forget yourself. If you see only one word and understand the meaning of it, Any Sang Wohe Guru, you don’t have to learn anything else. Nanak shall come through and Guru Ram Das is nothing but a living miracle.

How beautiful will you be in the memory of another person if your very touch or presence or your few words can miraculously take care of the other person? Will he ever forget you? What I am saying is that for three thousand years, mankind has been taught that they are sinners, they are wrong, they are this, they are evil. That’s one part.

The second part is that they need heaven. We need to have a comfortable time now. Heaven after death and this thing after that thing      you don’t need that. All you need to do is to forget who you are and help another person. Reach out. This is life. “Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world.”And remember when you heal somebody’s problem, your problem will disappear right under your own presence. You will love it. My problem, your problem, our problems are only there when we are not taking care of others. Do you understand? Marriages break, children go astray, neighbors fight. It doesn’t mean anything. The Age of Aquarius is taking care of others.

You are you. But when you deal outside, touch everybody with the longing of the soul. That enriches your soul. That’s why Guru Nanak gave only one order: Jap. It means repeat. There is one commandment, very martial: Jap. And what do we repeat?

Aad sach, jugaad sach, hai bhee sach, Naanak hosee bhee sach.

If you just believe that, then Mother Nature will give you a place where your legacy will live forever.

The human race without grace shall not enter the Age of Aquarius. I am not sure that you will not experience tragedy after tragedy, because the psychosomatics of the earth’s axle, the magnetic field, and the flare of the sun into the creativity and reflection of the moon have already changed.

Soon you might ask for a day of atonement and want to lie down in a coffin, so you can close your eyes. That’s how bad it can be in the years before the Aquarian Age begins. These years are the years of challenge. And what is the challenge? You must come to embrace the truth. You must come and experience the truth. You must come and be the truth. Like Aad sach it was. So you are Aad sach.

Keep your sadhana regardless of how you feel about it. Do not feel somebody is better or worse than you. If you continue your sadhana, the end result will be that you will be needed by the Age of Aquarius. Try to understand how lucky you are. We are going through a change of age and we are participating in it. It is not that a huge disaster should happen and only then will people see the age is changing. If you look at the evening news you will find that disasters are happening everywhere. But you are changing. You are changing to challenge the ultimate challenge—to help humanity through it.

When you don’t have patience, then you don’t have yourself. It’s a most cowardly act. When you lash out and flash out and do all that mischief, you are cheap and you are a creep. It’s not you. Hold your ground and behold. Every day is yours and yours alone. It is not anybody else’s. Behold, the breath of life is yours. This life is yours. You are yours. How many of you are yours? How many have given themselves to themselves? What kind of lover are you? What an idiotic thing to do—to love everybody, but not yourself.

Paaras is the philosopher’s stone. When it touches anything, it makes it gold. Then all the cycles, the circle of life is finished. We have to do that now. The world is going to hold onto us. If we will not prepare ourselves to face it, we may become failures.

People say to us, “You look beautiful. Help me.” They don’t want to tell you a story, they don’t want to take time. You have to help them. You can’t hide under this nonsense, under your neurotic life. “Oh, I am an attorney. I am a doctor. I am an executive. I am successful.” People won’t care who you are. People will mob you. They will ask for help. They will like your energy; they will want the touch. If you know how to touch the heart, you will be great. You will be positive. What more I can tell you? It’s on us. It is coming. We have prepared ourselves for thirty years. Nobody can tell you what to do. You have to go sincerely inside your psyche and say ,”I am radiant. I am a reality. I have my own reverence.” Let people know you are a graceful reality, with reverence of courage. You have to protect your own reverence. Nobody can protect it for you.

Now I have done my job. I am on my way out. I have come, lived my promise to create teachers. Teachers are those who will practice the teachings in reality. If there is no experience, get the experience. The time has come now that you should become teachers and cover me. I have covered you. I did not come here for students. I came here to create teachers. I have done my job silently, in shame, in pain, in slander, in praise, in appreciation, in service, and in disaster. It didn’t matter because the pair of opposites does not affect a yogi. I have given you all that you need. For your sake, practice it and experience it so you can share with people who will fall on you like hordes.

Thank you very much. May you all be blessed, blessed, blessed and may Guru Ram Das bless you forever. This is the time for you to declare yourself. You are teachers and even if you have been the most lazy, lousy, bedridden, nonsense, come out and just touch people. Leave the rest to God. Be kind, compassionate and caring. And just touch. Everybody has obnoxiousness and passion and everybody has compassion and grace equal to it. So, there is no dearth of natural faculties to be positive. We are going to play the biggest show on this Earth—the greatest show of all time—as Aquarian teachers and that’s what you all are.

Kindness knows no defeat. Caring has no end. And touching a person’s heart is the only language God knows. I hope God and Guru will bless you throughout this time, here and hereafter.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, published in Success and the Spirit.

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Yogi Bhajan spoke at the Master’s Touch Teacher Training course on September 22, 2002. After the lecture, Yogiji answered questions:

Q: What does it mean to be a spiritual teacher, to have a spiritual teacher?

A: To have a spirit. A spiritual teacher should have a spirit and live with the spirit. He should teach fearlessly and graciously and nicely and humanly and humbly.

Q: How do you find this spiritual leader?

A: The heart will find it, the head cannot. A spiritual teacher is not a matter of the head. It is a matter of the heart. It has nothing to do with the head. When you find your teacher, you find him/her. That’s it. When you don’t, you don’t.

Q: What do you mean that the relationship of a teacher and student is like a chiseling stone?

A: Chiseling is the ultimate touch. Without chiseling, a stone remains a stone. Nothing comes out of it. A life that is not ready to be chiseled shall have no shape. Don’t I chisel you these days? So, you’ve been through the experience. Master’s Touch is when your teacher touches your central nervous system and gives you the inflow to your own ocean of self where you can find no corner to hide and you become free—free of fear, because your greatest and most typical enemy is your fear. Your fear creates doubt. Your doubt creates bad language, your bad language creates fights, your fights create misery, your misery creates hell, and your hell creates unhappiness. That is the path we normally adopt. But somehow, through very clear consciousness, Master’s Touch is that touch which turns your fear to non-fear, your vengeance against self to non-vengeance, your unawareness to realization, not valuing yourself to honoring yourself, etc.

Q: The first time I met you, you provoked the living creature out of me because you were so straight about everything.

A: I am unfortunately very clear in one thing: that God made you the best He could, would, or should. Do not make doo-doo of yourself. That’s what I believe. My realm is that. No man or woman has the right to act condescendingly or harshly to anyone. No, that’s not your right, neither is it your privilege. You should not do that. Wherever there is the breath of life, be exalted, walk tall, and feel free. Have no fear, no vengeance.

Q: What are the ways to drop fear?

A: Take that pen. Raise it. Drop it. That’s how. When you drop something, just drop it. There is no other way. Don’t listen to the lies of people. No kriya can help you drop it. Only you can. Just drop it.

Q: Sir, what will be the role of teachers in the Aquarian Age?

A: Honesty. Nothing more, nothing less. Be frank, straightforward, and honest. A teacher has to emit a radiant psyche, and that truth which he practices has to be radiant. A teacher is not a storyteller, though he might like to impress people. A teacher is a teacher.

Q: How do you maintain balance as a teacher?

A: In the world of infinity, a teacher belongs to that flow of infinity. He is not an idiot who just gets lost in beauty, charm, and money. You can’t bait a teacher. Let’s put it in a simple way: he is not a fish that is ready to be caught.

Q: You said something earlier about the atomic makeup of the human changing in the Age of Aquarius?

A: The Age will change. Your menstrual cycle will change. Your cells and the inner atomic energy of the atom will change. Your projection and sensory projection will change. Your feelings, your dreams, your thoughts will change. Everything is going to change upside-down. Nothing will be the same.

Q: Does it happen just like, “boom”?

No, no, slowly. And in the process you will be hammered and chiseled. An Age never changes quickly.

Q: Do you think that human nature has changed in the last 3,000 years?

A: Human nature changes every second. Every moment the longitude and latitude changes; the altitude and attitude of the human changes. The fastest changing mammal is the human.

Q: Will you talk about the ancient gong?

A: The gong creates the sound, which projects you out of your realm to Infinity, provided you know how to play it.

Q: Sir, would you explain your personal experience with touching the Infinite?

A: Do you know what it is? Nothing. You can’t believe in “nothing.” You need something to believe in. That’s a handicap. We are from zero, we live through zero, and we end up zero. You meditate and you reach that stage, and you start experiencing it, and things will start coming to you. It is a backward idea to grab for things, to ask favors, etc. I don’t believe in that. God is the Giver—giver in the sense of creativity of the elements. The elements that belong to you shall come to you.

Q: Joseph Campbell said the last myth for us to really get by is our myth of a belief in God and that we have to get past that myth in order to experience Infinity.

A: The purpose of the entire practice of all of human life is: number one, when you breathe the breath of life, you know you are breathing it. Number two, you give it to Infinity as an offering. Number three, then close your eyes and say “Wahe Guru” and be One. That act of that moment is the purpose of life.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


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Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on 9/16/99

You have to understand the process of healing in the Age of Aquarius. You have to know how to feed the psyche. You have to know your touch is as good as God’s touch. It is not sensual, sexual, or social. It is a healer’s touch. You have to beam the psyche into the being of a person to make it realistic. What will give the healing is the flow of your soul energy. We call it “psychic flow.” It belongs to your inner self. Please understand that healing is a process.

First of all, before you touch anybody, you have to make sure that you are as pure as possible. As a chiropractor, you need to purify your being before touching your patient, or else you function just like a machine—crick, crick, crack, crack, and the matter ends. If you don’t purify yourself and heal yourself of all the inner duality, negativity can prevail through the flow of the psyche. If this is the case, we stop one disease temporarily, but ultimately cause permanent disease.

Whether you are a medical doctor or a chiropractor, or other type of healer, life has a challenge. And that challenge is, you have to be egoless. You have to just become, without self, a healer, or a doctor, at that moment, for that purpose, that mission. You cannot have any deviation. If you deviate, then your psyche will interlock with the patient’s psyche. You can interlock the body—that I understand. You can tune into the mind, I can understand that. You can tune in the spirit, that I can understand. But if you do not tune into the psyche, your entire healing will be useless.

Healing is a process of personal super divinity. It is a power of touch. You should be so prayerful and pure, and your touch should be so powerful and impactful, that the entire body of another person may change to the desirable end results. Without this, as healers, we get burnt out. That’s why a lot of people do not last long in the health and healing professions.

Your mind should be fresh and beautiful. If your domestic atmosphere is one of fighting, quarreling, and negation, it will interfere in the process of your healing, because your psyche will not penetrate and reach the target.

You are a cause, not an effect. You cause the charge to affect healing and if your charge is very low-grade voltage, and your psyche is not fully with you, the effect will be very low-grade, too.

As a healer the first thing to tell every patient is to breathe deeply. Help your patients get rid of shallow breathing. Shallow breathing means no oxygen, no workload-carrying habits, no endurance, no patience.

Secondly, wash your hands after seeing each patient. This is not only for hygiene, but also to change the energy.

When you finish with a patient you should take a break and resettle yourself. It is not about how many people you see each day, it is about how many people you heal. There is a difference between healing and seeing.

Healing is nothing but the play of one’s personal psyche. It comes from dedication and devotion. It comes from the highest state of purity, and it comes from the power which is God. It’s not what you think it is. It is a caliber to collaborate with the flow of the psyche of two.

© 1999 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

 Previously published in Aquarian Times, Spring 2004


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Winning the Game of Life

Published on August 15, 2011 by in Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan Lecture


Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, July 7, 1992, Women’s Camp, New Mexico, USA

Life is your own grace. What is grace? I have asked this question of many people. Grace is when you are not for sale, for any value direct or indirect, or for any offering or temptation. Totality and your reality, equal your value. The totality of this world, and your reality as you know it, you don’t give in. If you have that basic character, then you have grace. And there is no introduction required. When people know that you have grace, they start saying, “Your Wor­ship,” “Your Grace.” Then your personality works. That’s where the personality starts functioning: you don’t have to utter a word, you don’t have to say anything. Then people have reverence and love and trust and understanding for you. It boils down to when you don’t let yourself down, you don’t let others down, and you don’t let others let down others. It works three ways; it has three dimensions to it. You have to have that deep understanding.

What we are trying to do in this course is to give you actual preparation for the Age of Aquarius, give you this basic knowledge which will work. Piscean knowledge won’t work. Your gains won’t work, your obnoxious or very fundamental excuses won’t work. Because the Aquarian Age is the Age of Knowledge: “I know, I can deliver you.” The Piscean Age was, “I want to know, deliver me.” It’s totally one hundred-eighty degrees opposite.

You’ll be surprised. We are only a couple of months into it. Just tell somebody, “I’m sorry.” He’ll say, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. How many times have you been sorry?” People’s attitudes have changed.—no fault of any­body. Promises, excuses, games, moods—they will eliminate you out of your life very fast. When the Age changes, that’s what happens to people. If they don’t change fast enough to match up to the requirement of the psyche of the time, their psyche becomes non-functional, non-communicative, mute. Then finally, they are left in a corner. The Aquarian Age is going to corner all Pisceans. It’s natural. Winter has to freeze everything. Spring has to sprout everything. Summer has to ripen everything. And Fall has to let everything fall. So there’s no reason to be upset with it. It’s a natural phenomenon. That’s why we’re trying to make the effort that if you can prepare yourself for your homes there’ll be no divorce. Moreover, the children are growing up, you have to prepare them. And you have to change your atti­tude toward the whole household. Even if you’re single you have to change your attitude toward your own personal house­hold so you can survive better.

The economy has changed. Geography has changed. The politics are changing. You’ll find changes, unbelievable changes. There’s no reason for you to worry about those changes. All they’re inviting you to do is to change too. It is so shocking to me when you say, “Oh, unfortunately my mother did this to me.” “Oh, as a child it happened to me.” You do not know that you have a teacher. His name is Yogi Bhajan. He said one thing, “Those who live in the past have no future.” How blunt a statement can be made? One statement is made so loud and clear, without any reservation or argument and still you don’t understand what you are doing to yourself? The past is yesterday, that’s your memory, that’s your glory. You can talk about it, it doesn’t mean a thing. That’s yesterday. You can remember it, you can repeat it, you can propagate it, you can learn about it, whatever you say. But it’s already gone. Today you can’t stop, it is already going. Tomorrow, if you are not prepared, is on you. And all the energy you put in the past, you take away from tomorrow. That’s where your sorrow lies. That’s why you don’t have the energy to make everything possi­ble.

This life of yours is enjoyable, but you can’t enjoy it. Because if you play it right, then you can enjoy it. It is a game. You’ll be happy when you win. If you can’t win in your own life, when are you going to win? What does any other victory mean to you? Some people are afraid of commitment. They think it is slavery, going into the dungeon. No, you are meant to commit: commit-ment. It is meant to commit. What you commit to is your choice. If you are married to fun and loyal to none, that is your commitment. Then enjoy it. Be cheap. What price you put on yourself is your price. And the only life that is worth liv­ing is graceful, which is priceless. Pricelessness is deathlessness. Then you ultimately become a very reputed person.

© 1992 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Previously published in Aquarian Times, May 2009.

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Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, August 1, 2000

In the next 12 to 14 years you will be needed by the world. It does not matter who one is today, or to whom one belongs; peoples’ minds are going to go empty. In the Piscean Age, the main need was for knowledge, for creative lega­cy. That’s why in the Piscean Age sex was taboo; it was monitored, matured, glorified. Sex and sensuality were considered the primary attractions. Beauty was physical, and people pursued each other.

But the time is changing; people are looking toward fulfillment of the self through purity and piety, indi­viduality, and reality. They don’t want to practice duality anymore. Sex will not be the attraction. A sensory system will develop; a new system in which the individual will find himself or herself complete.

Everybody will have access to all knowledge. With the push of a button you will be able to get any infor­mation you want. The whole world will be at your disposal. The obsession with sex will have no place. One will not look for satisfaction through physical intercourse. It will be automatic that one will find satisfaction through the self-sensory system, which people will develop in the coming 50 years. The foundation is being laid now because the cusp period is 1991 to 2012 for the Age of Pisces to go and for the Age of Aquarius to come. We have already gone through nine of these twenty-one years. [Note: As of early 2009 we have gone through eighteen of these twenty-one years.]

What is this personal sensory system? There will be no need for cos­metic makeup. People will be open, straight, simple, and their beauty will be internal, not external. Men and women are going to reach out with such dignity, such devotion, such an elevated loftiness of self, and the beauty of the human character will be so bewitching, that not only will the ones who are willing be enjoying and realizing, but also their realization will be so profound that no destructive temptation by another person will work.

The Piscean Age was the ugliest Age—an era in which the female was rooted out from her roots and exploited to the brink and to the brim by men. The male/female relationship didn’t have any strength. It didn’t have any character. It didn’t have any taste. So females in the past century gave birth to some of the most fearful, insecure, impotent, or oversexed men, and sexual disorder was worse than ever before in the past 3,000 years.

The men whom you called great in the last century wanted to indulge in the power of destruction. That’s why we created the atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb, smart bombs, we had two wars; and we killed more people in the name of religion than anything else. And religion did not become reality, but an ugly fanaticism.

The ironic thing that happened in this last century is that man started finding God outside himself. Man forgot that God is the working God, “Karta Purkh,” which Nanak, the first Sikh Guru, said works and breathes in us. It’s part of us; it’s not separate. We were blind to God’s presence everywhere.

Today we have become limited, small, squeezed to a point of just physical existence. We have little quality, quantity, character, and commit­ment. Our character is mostly inconsistent. We often say things that are not true.

We do the most detrimental thing on this planet. In order to build a tower that surrounds the individual—like adding to how many houses, how many boyfriends, how much money we have—we end up on dirt, a termite heap of dirt.

In character we have become very shallow. We talk about how many TV sets we have, how much bigger our TV set is, how many cars we have. You won’t hear a person talking about how much satisfaction, how much containment, how much contentment, how much character, or how much realization he has.

What you hear these days is, “Who had sex with whom?” “Who wants who?” “Who chased who?” “Who is nude?” “Who is more nude?” Do you understand? There’s a competition going on. You see our magazines; it’s a human joke. When a race of humans starts making a mockery of themselves openly and obnoxiously, nothing is sacred. So this is the state of affairs, and it has to go on for twelve more years of this cusp period [as of the year 2000].

The Age of Aquarius will be the Age of experience, in which people of experience will be liked, respected, worshipped, talked to, and understood. It’s not a matter of how old you are or how young you are or how white you are or how black you are.

Religion, as it has been known, has become absolutely obsolete. In the past 5000 years religion has been teaching you to redeem your soul. The soul is already redeemed. What you should redeem is not being true to your words, not true to your commitment, not true to your character. That’s what you should redeem.

The majority of people in the world are nothing but show business. You put on a show. And today even spirituality is nothing but a show. No human believes that they are a fact of life, a fact of existence, that they are real, that they are born in the image of God. The most magnificent Allah, most infinite God Jehovah, the most pure wise Lord Buddha, whatever you want to call God, has created you in His own image. So God in the New Age is called “He-She-It”—He, She, and It. Understand that this is the totality of God.

The fact is that there is nothing more beautiful, more worthy, or more conscious than you. The time has come for self-value. And the question is not, “To be or not to be.” The statement is, “To be, to be.” “I am, I AM.” The time has come not to search for God, but to be God. The time is not to worship God, but to trust and dwell in the working God.

As this is coming through me, it is cleansing me. If you are not listening and only hearing, you are not getting it. But if you are listening, it will go into you. You have to come to the awareness of how bad and unfortunate it is that we have made this world as ugly as possible —and how beautiful, actually, God created it. We are purely enemies of God, because God within us is in pain, and there is no God outside us. Each one is the manifestation of God, so it won’t work to create God by making a stone God. Every grain of sand is God. We have to have our subtle body, our sophisticated self, to see it.

In reality, you are a bunch of molecules living by the pranic body. You are nothing more, nothing less. As long as the psyche will not merge in you in equal balance, you will have no awareness. Human existence is a combination of the pranic body and the energy of the psyche (which is the Universe—Prakritee, the creation) in proportion.

When you have that state of mind, you are clean and clear. You stop searching; you start practicing. The oddness in you becomes even, and your flow becomes as vast as the Universe—and sometimes beyond the Universe. You have the authentic reach to yourself. I don’t want any­body because I want everybody. This concept is very difficult. I don’t want to be “I.” I don’t want to be “we.” I want to be “just as it is.” And my run is with the flow of the psyche of the Universe as it takes me, as it moves me, as it desires me. Men and women will stop cutting corners and come to a real existence. And it will not be long from now.

Any person who thinks he is great may be nothing, because the Information Age is so powerful, and so knowable, and so acknowledge­able, and so understandable, that we will not be competent to cheat each other—nothing like that can work. But we can help and deal with each other as equals. There’s no beautiful, no ugly.

The love of existence, of our lives, and of our breathing will be in need of the flow of the psyche in us; therefore, we can be a real combination of Self within the self. And the sensory system that will develop automatically out of us will be our archangel protecting us and glorifying us.

Those who hustle and hassle and move and want will suffer. They will not get what they want. Now the time has come that we will have a meditative mind to wait and see what comes to us. Our minds will direct us to work toward the right channels. And we will meet the right people.

Our future is now, and our presence is our purity. We don’t have to purify ourselves; we are pure. We simply have to stop making it ugly by diversion, by concoctions, by stories, and by creating meaningless romance and fantasy, and imagining things that are zero. We’ll master ourselves through our service, through our character, through our commitment, and through the most powerful thing that we have—our grace. Our individual grace is the most wanted quality today. And our projection, which will give us satisfaction, fulfillment, and exaltation, is our nobility. We will act nobly, graciously, kindly, and compassionately. These are our essential features.

Our creativity will be our sensory system. And through this sensory system we will be overflowing with energy, touching the hearts of people and feeling their feeling, and filling their emptiness. We will act gratefully and our flow will fulfill the gratefulness in the hearts of others. It will be a new relationship. We will create a new humanity that will have the new sensory system, and thus we will establish the Age of Aquarius. This is the fundamental character you have to learn by heart.

© 2000 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This lecture excerpt was previously published in Aquarian Times, May 2009.

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