2011 Summer Solstice Classes

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Aquarian Teacher Track

Advanced Pranayama Techniques (Sadhana Singh)

Recognize the strength of your Pranic Body. Teach through your presence, not through what you say or do. A teacher breathes consciously to live in the basic reality of life: here and now. A teacher consciously uses the pranic units he has been given to cover the distance to his own destiny. Grateful for each new possibility to inhale, he recognizes his mission, his reality, royalty, and caliber.

Courage, Compassion and Consciousness: The Kundalini Path to a Wise Heart (Gurucharan Singh Khalsa KRI)

A wise heart is a source of strength and courage. We each need this to find our compassion and consciousness in a wildly changing world. The period of time from this solstice to the next one is the greatest opportunity to grow personally and to contribute to a global awakening for a sustainable future. Charge yourself with energy and clarity for this solstice and the Aquarian shift.

Experience and Awaken the Teacher Within (Upma Kaur, Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa)

Are you ready to deepen your practice and share what you have experienced with others? Awaken and experience your potential as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with meditations and kriyas for Teachers. This workshop is for Kundalini Yoga Teachers and those interested in becoming a Teacher. Get your questions answered and learn more about global training programs.

How to Play the Gong (Mehtab Benton)

Learn the basics of how to play the gong: the role of the gong in Kundalini Yoga and how to make it part of your classes; how to use the mallet, building sequences of sound, the effects of striking the gong in different areas, how to create a gong session for relaxation and meditation, and how to select the best gong for your needs. Plus, a gong layout at the end!

How to Teach Yoga for Children from Tots to Teens (Shakta Khalsa)

This is a class for teachers who want more information on teaching yoga to children: how to keep it fun and keep it yoga; class management tips; what you need to know about yoga for ADHD and Autism; great stories, games, and songs for uplifting and strengthening body, mind, and spirit!

Kundalini Yoga and the Creative Arts (Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa)

Hari Kirin will share step-by-step guidelines for combining Art and Yoga in your daily practice, in workshops with students, and in your community. You will practice a kriya and meditation with integrated art from her newly published book, Art & Yoga, Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life. Powered by your innate creativity combined with the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, delve into images that will awaken intuition, self healing, and creativity. No previous experience with art or yoga required.

Let Your Soul Shine (Sangeet Kaur, Japa Kaur, Harpal Singh, Upma Kaur Khalsa)

Let the warm glow of the beautiful Shabad, Guru Dayv Mata, envelop you and confirm your radiance. This class will include warm-ups, inspiring stories, and Guru Kriya—a deep meditation on the Shabad that Yogi Bhajan said allows one to master Kundalini Yoga. “Realize that this time is given to you to be pure and to live in piety, with a burning fire of compassion, touching every heart.”-Yogi Bhajan

Living the Excellence and Values of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Guruka Kaur Khalsa, Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa)

The life of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher: it is not a job–it is an incarnation of excellence and awareness. Our every action must reflect the consciousness of our practice. From Pantanjali’s Yogic legacy of the Yams and Niyams of a Yogi, to Yogi Bhajan’s Excellence of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, we come alive as we apply our values to our lives as Teachers.

Looking the Part: Declaring Your Identity as a Yogi! (Shakta Kaur Kezios and Hari Nam Singh)

How do you feel about the bana (outward form) you wear as a Kundalini Yoga teacher? How well do you integrate the way you look so that it is congruent with your inner experience and highest ideals? Explore this rarely addressed area of spiritual development—looking the part of the real deal Yogi! Includes meditation, lecture, discussion. All levels welcome.

Public Diplomacy & Public Relations as taught by Yogi Bhajan (Mukta Khalsa)

“A Formula for Success” Whether you’re a yoga teacher, director of a yoga center, or service provider, the essence of these teachings are critical ingredients to magnetize growth and success. Yogi Bhajan had a unique perspective built on mutuality, and he understood the value of developing relations in the spirit of goodwill and friendship. Whether you’re involved in a non-profit organization or for-profit business, this course is for YOU.

Scientific Research on Yoga: A Global View from the Cutting Edge (Sat Bir Khalsa)

This workshop will present an overview of the history and breadth of yoga research, with special attention to research done on Kundalini Yoga. We will also review the value and implications of this research, especially for teachers who may find this information useful in promoting and marketing their classes, communicating the benefits to their students, and in convincing administrators in schools, fitness centers, healthcare centers, and other institutions to incorporate yoga classes into their facilities.

SuperHealth: Creating Autonomy—Yogic Science for Addictive Behavior (Mukta Khalsa)

“In the coming times, no matter who you are or what you belong to, you’ll be needed by the world.” (Yogi Bhajan)

Yogi Bhajan told us, “Your presence must heal people.” He said that as we heal others, we heal ourselves. And he reminded us that these teachings aren’t gimmicks or fads. They are 3,000 year-old precise, secret formulas being revealed to you today. SuperHealth is a National Certified Education Training Provider for CEUs.

Walk Your Breath … Take a Breathwalk! (Shakta Kaur Kezios)

You walk. You breathe. But, how often to you meditatively synchronize your breath with your walking steps? That is called Breathwalk® –the simple, natural and effective walking practice derived from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. In this session you’ll experience the expansive nature of the Air Tattva as you systematically align all forms of energy using body, mind, and spirit. Suitable for yogis and non-yogis alike. All levels welcome.

Welcome 2011! Ushering in the Aquarian Age as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Tarn Taran Singh)

In 1969 we thought the Aquarian Age was going to be all Peace & Love. But Yogi Bhajan warned us we would have to journey through a very challenging period. Now we feel the full impact as the ‘old’ breaks down to make way for the new age. Kundalini Yoga offers a technology not to survive, but to thrive in these turbulent times. Let’s lend one another mutual support as we usher in the Aquarian Age.

Aquarian Age Track

Aging Yogis (Shiva Singh Khalsa)

Aging—it happens to everyone. Kundalini Yoga and the 3HO lifestyle cover a wealth of teachings and technology to prepare for old age—another wonderful stage of life.

Asanadance: The Air Teacher (Jap Singh Khalsa)

A very complete, dynamic, and inspiring dance-yoga and mantra-yoga workshop focused on the pranic body. Experience the power of Pavan Guru in you.

Attach Yourself to Infinity (Devinder Kaur)

Instead of being attached to earthly possessions, be attached to healthy, happy and holy! Drop the habits and patterns that no longer work and open the heart to the infinite gifts available. Through the technology of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and the sacred sounds and vibrations of the Gong we will strengthen the vayu-granthi for a balanced temperament, focus, self-control, purity of thought, and compassion.

Awaken Your Heart and Discover Your Unique Expression of Seva (Gurudev Kaur)

We will open our hearts to the frequency of selfless service and tap into our individual calling for Seva. Through strong Kundalini Yoga exercises and deep meditative practices we will discover the most useful and authentic way that we can be known by our service. We will call upon Guru Ram Das to strengthen our power to sacrifice and bless us with the compassion to serve from the very deepest love of our soul.

Breath of God: Inhaling the Power of Love (Dr. ShamRang Khalsa)

As the element associated with Heart Chakra, air is the force of movement in the Universe. In this time of Aquarian transition, as anxiety and insecurity naturally arise, let us learn how to recognize these powerful changes as forces of Love.

Celestial Communication to Heal the Heart (Adarsh Kaur Khalsa)

Yogi Bhajan taught Celestial Communication as a technology to strengthen the aura and the subtle and radiant bodies, and to relax and harmonize the self. In this class, we will also use movement and mantras to release grief and loss from the heart and lungs, and we will practice Celestial Communications to bring self-acceptance and peace. Come and discover resources for your personal journey, as well as a new technique to share in your own teaching practice.

Conscious Community in the Age of Aquarius (Sat Sang Khalsa)

As an Aquarian being, the first step is to release attachment and to let go of preconceptions as to what “your” limited ego self says about the concept of living and being in a conscious community. The ‘other’ is you, and it is already perfect community. The obstacle is the narrow definition that isolates the self from the Self. We will talk, sweat, share, meditate, and vibrate into the Cosmos that Prevails in EVERYbody.

Everyday Devotion—The HeArt of Being…Me (GuruPrem Khalsa)

Journey into your Heart. What is holding you back? How do you relate to your true self? How you carry your heart reflects what you carry in your heart. Great posture is how you carry your hearts of virtue. Discover ways to put Devotion into Motion, make your life a living meditation on the Infinite, within and out. Breath, Mantra, Asana, and Meditation to embody the sacred forms of the True Heart.

From Air to Heir (Gurutej Khalsa)

Allow air to be your element of vastness (breath) to look at your legacy. Use the power of lineage to create the vastness of legacy, your vapor trail. How will you be remembered? The ultimate air is the last breath that is the conduit of the soul. You will have a chance to work from your death back to the present—taking your epitaph, using yogic technology and bringing your legacy forward as your gift.

How to Live, How to Die (Siri Marka S. Khalsa)

“How to Live, How to Die” is a course in fearless living and dying. Focusing on the connection with the “Here and Hereafter,” Siri Marka Singh, bi-lingual Kundalini Yoga Teacher for 38 years, will introduce you to Yogi Bhajan’s daily technique for how to die with grace. You will experience a renewed vitality and unique perspective of living and dying with vitality, consciousness, and renewed purpose. “All you have is what you have to give.”

Living a Dharma—What is a Sikh? (Guruka Singh Khalsa)

When you say Sikh Dharma, it means ‘the path of the student.’ Some people think it means a religion. ‘Sikh’ means student on a pathway to one’s own Self: from my head to my heart. In this way, the life of a person is fulfilled. That is what Kundalini Yoga is all about. Experience, understand, serve, and share in the flow of Dharma.

Love is in the Air—Can You Capture It? (Sangeet Kaur Khalsa)

“Go forth and conquer the heart,” Yogi Bhajan urged. But have you conquered your own heart? And can you trust your heart with another? Using the numerology of Aquarian relationships from her newly published book, The Blessings Code, KRI Sr. Lead Trainer Sangeet Khalsa gives major keys to loving without limitation. Her wit and wisdom have reached thousands over 20 years in her Womanheart® retreats and in her popular Womanheart book in its second edition.

Love to Last a Lifetime (Dharam Dev K. & Siri Marka S. Khalsa)

Dharam Dev Kaur Khalsa, Marriage and Family Counselor in Beverly Hills for over 20 years along with husband of 24 years, Siri Marka Singh Khalsa, Yogic Counselor, will present their class which is sure to move your heart. You will learn “How to Have Love and Make Love Stay.” A lifetime is a short time to maintain and sustain fulfilling love relationships. You will experience a renewed self-love and discover the “Love of Your Life.”

Making Friends with the Unknown (Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, D.C.)

As your internal energy rises, there is a profound transmutation of form into formlessness and fear into love. That which was visible and solid is now unseen and spacious, opening the field for infinite possibility. The finite self is now transformed into All-pervading Selflessness. Through this workshop you will discover the power of trusting the unknown, and the effortless flow of life that reveals itself when living in your Transcendental Being and Universal Self.

Men’s Wisdom Council (Bhagwant Khalsa)

Contained in confidentiality, this sacred, men-only sharing circle will open the heart, enlighten the mind, and reveal the soul.

Namo…Fearlessness and Love (Guru Dass Khalsa)

Nirbhao / Nirvair, fearlessness and love, are the key to living a prosperous, abundant, and peaceful life in the Age of Aquarius. Guru Dass will lead us through an experience of the heart chakra to connect with the source of inner love and peace. He is one of Yogi Bhajan’s earliest teachers and an icon musician for many years. He travels the world teaching and sharing his music.

Passion for Your Self! The Fountain of True Compassion (Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa)

“When your affairs are taken care of by God and when your teaching is provided by God, you’ve entered what is called ‘entry level’ spirituality. When you become aware of this, life becomes effortless.” –Yogi Bhajan
Delight in your own most intimate teachings directly from God—your SELF. My passion is to help you listen to your own GodSELF, and to trust living from Its Presence at every moment for your own prosperity, happiness, kindness, and greatness.

Pranic Body: The Root of Ecstasy (Siri Atma Singh Khalsa)

The art of pranayam is the base of all life, all awareness, all consciousness. It’s largely responsible for our health and self-healing ability. The prana we generate via our lungs powers our electromagnetic bodies and allows us to experience ecstasy. Utilize the power of your life force to gain a deeper experience of joy and vitality.

Spreading our Wings to Heal (Satya K Khalsa)

2011 is our time to finish releasing the unresolved trauma that has held us back from experiencing life as our true self-healing selves. The teachings of Yogi Bhajan and David Berceli will be presented as we address the nature of trauma and blocked healing and learn simple, powerful tools to share with friends and family for processing and transforming mental, physical, emotional, energetic and perceptual patterns that no longer serve us.

Starting Where You Are; Working with Patterns of Life and Stress (Kartar Singh, Dr. Sham Rang Singh, Sunder Singh)

Many have the gift of doing sadhana regularly but some continue to experience the same patterns of stress over and over. What’s called for is to focus on the pattern that is causing the stress. Dr. Sham Rang Singh, Kartar Singh, and Sunder Singh have worked with these patterns of life and stress and will share some of what they have learned along their journeys, and together they will share techniques you may use yourself.

Success and Spirit (Ek Ong Kaar Khalsa)

Over the years, Yogi Bhajan taught what success will mean in the Aquarian Age—how to understand your inner calling, how to walk the path of your destiny, and how to enter into a conscious partnership with the Universe where all that you need will be provided for you. This workshop will focus on his teachings relating to success, and include meditations from the new book with the same title: Success and Spirit.

Suniai: Deep Listening (Sat Siri Dougherty)

Listening (Suniai) is one of the most fundamental secrets on the path of a yogi, yet one of the most vital and difficult to achieve. Through deep listening we bring the heavens to earth and begin to merge what is finite with the infinite. Suniai is to forget yourself. The true wisdom of the Universe can only be known when you empty yourself and become still. This is the environment for Conscious Communication to occur.

Supporting Each Other on the Solstice Journey and in Life (Mata Mandir Kaur Khalsa)

Solstice is a time when we can experience a high level of challenge and transformation. In this session, we will take time to connect with each other and process some of these changes as they come up in each of us. Holding the sacred space between us, we will learn and practice skills of intentional, loving dialogue that can deepen our Solstice experience and also enrich and improve our relationships at home.

Kundalini Yoga Track

Accessing the Knowledge of the Universe through Breath (Akal Kaur Khalsa)

In this Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshop we will balance our pranic channels to link with the Infinite. When linked to this frequency, the heart center vibrates and aligns with compassion. We become open to the flow of the universal force within us. Using Kundalini Yoga, breath, mantra, and GONG we will access the cosmos and invoke our universal consciousness.

Becoming Sensory Human Beings – Preparing for the Aquarian Time Shift (Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa)

Moving towards the Aquarian Age, the winds of change are upon us. To victoriously succeed requires we become “sensory human beings.” For this we need inner strength. Summer Solstice’s solar energy prevails — the best time to recharge our batteries. If our glass is empty, we can’t eliminate anyone’s thirst. Full, we can satisfy ourselves, and quench the thirst of countless. Join us to purify and become a flow of Infinity, preparing to serve humanity.

Deepening Your Meditation (Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, KRI)

Meditation is a skill and an experience. It has stages—just as a flower grows from seed to sprout to leaves to bloom. Gurucharan learned how to guide us through the stages of meditation at the feet of Yogi Bhajan. The depth of self-experience they bring is now available to all and part of the final training level in Kundalini Yoga. This class is an experiential introduction to the stages of meditation and deepening your meditation and everyday awareness.

EZ YOGA for Anyone, Any Time, Any Where (Siri Deva Khalsa)

Your mind is too stuck to function, or you’re having an anxiety attack at work–there are dozens of techniques that you can do at your desk to snap you out of it within 3 minutes. You’re doing yoga and the mind is willing but the body is stiff (or they’re both lazy)–learn simple stretches and ways to modify difficult postures, like using a chair.

Have You Noticed Your Breath Lately? (Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa)

The air tattva is the carrier of prana (the first stage of life). One who practices pranayam (meditation with the breath) plays with the vehicle which bridges one side of life to another. This interaction carries one from the mundane to the subtle existence of life where contentment and effortlessness rule. This workshop will focus on what techniques are available to tap into this divine dance and what to expect when the dance begins.

Healing Hands (Dr. Waheguru Khalsa)

This hands-on workshop is based on simple, easy-to-do, and fun healing treatments given by Yogi Bhajan. Pair up with your healer to give and receive these unique treatments. For beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. If you need to wind down, prepare for the week at Solstice and heal a few aches and pains, then come to this class where miracles occur.

Heart Rescue (Awtar Kaur Khalsa)

What is the key to opening the heart? We begin with the earth, water, and fire in the first three chakras. Then we can embrace the subtleness of the air element in the fourth chakra without being blown away. We will mine Yogi Bhajan’s 5 Sutras and 7 Steps to Happiness for marvelous clues to physical, mental and tattva balance.

How Kundalini Yoga Works—Prana (Dr. Hari Simran Singh Khalsa)

Experience and explore the wonders of the Anatomy and Physiology of Kundalini Yoga, including research and applied practice.

Kriya for the Instinctual Self (Guru Simran Singh Khalsa)

As human beings, we have certain instincts as do animals, but we have the ability to direct, shape, and give meaning to the expression of these instincts. Many of the strongest instincts find expression and representation through the “lower triangle” of chakras. The physical correlates of these chakras are the rectum, the sex organs, and the navel point. We use physical nerve and glandular stimulation to alter learned patterns in the lower triangle.

Living from Your Soul (DukhNiwaran Kaur)

The soul’s voice is clear, loving and strong. Living in true connection to the soul creates a fulfilling life of centered purpose and joy. Let’s delve deeply into the soul with Kundalini Yoga to remove the clouds of indecision, confusion, and discontent, and create the life you were born to live!

Love is Love! (Harnam Singh)

“Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times!” ~ Yogi Bhajan
In the Aquarian Age, we will need to live from our hearts. Break your heart open wide in this transformational class. Explore the heart chakra and the air tattva and feel the love within! From start to finish, each warm-up, kriya, meditation, and mantra will be designed to open the heart and lift the spirits!

Manifesting Vibrant Health, Your Unique Destiny, and Prosperity (Jot Singh Khalsa)

Each of us comes to life with unique gifts. To manifest Destiny, we must discover and develop our gifts, offering the fruits to humanity somehow. Whatever one’s vocation or pastimes, the ability to act from steadiness brings peace, fulfillment, and prosperity. We will focus on stimulating creativity through various kriyas and meditations. Fundamental benefits of a yogic diet, active lifestyle, and personal and professional habits to support a long and prosperous life will be offered.

Pranayama: Compassionate Self-Inquiry through the Air Tattva (Devjeet Kaur)

What is Pranayama? What are the benefits? We will practice using prana to heal our emotional and physical wounds, burn karmas, and revitalize ourselves inside out. We will learn powerful pranayama techniques in various kriyas to integrate fragmented aspects of ourselves through the breath—compassionate self-inquiry. In learning how to value and care for ourselves, we begin to authentically value and care for others. Bring home 5 new pranayama techniques!

Self-Experience (Nam Kaur Khalsa)

This class offers Yogi Bhajan’s routine to ‘rise and shine’ followed by a kriya to prepare your self—your physical body, mental bodies, and your soul so you can create a flow of graceful energy each and every day.

Shakti Dance: Waves of Compassion and Love (Dharma Kaur)

Shakti Dance is a very special discipline that helps people to improve the force of their Prana using Kundalini Yoga and Meditative Dance. The workshop is based on the Sufi Grind of Kundalini Yoga and stimulates the air element and expands the courage to be who we are. In addition, forgiveness and kindness will be our mantra.

The Awakened Self and the Path of Innocent Courage (Sunder Khalsa)

To become wise and spiritually mature means we can act in life rather than react to life. Realization is about releasing the reactions/labeling we have to our life. It is awakening to the love that perceives, feels, and holds the constant creative dynamic of what is. Innocence is to see things as it is. Courage is to accept what is without reaction so we can act from the infinite stillness we call the soul.

The Heart Rules: Love begins at Home; Home is where the Heart is (Simran Khalsa)

Open your heart and remove blocks related to your 4th Chakra. Dive into self love/your authentic self/true love. Bring light into your heart and be a reflection of that radiance. Heal your broken heart, dark heart, cold heart, mean heart. Remove unnecessary pain and hurt residue. Learn to embody your heart consciousness—True Heart, Brave Heart, Kind Heart, Pure Heart. Live in love and truth with ease.

The Rishi’s Cup of Consciousness (Harijiwan Khalsa)

Each tattva has its own juice, its own rasa. If you allow the rasas to fall into feelings and emotions, life becomes commotional, and you suffer. If you use applied intelligence and direct the rasas into the cup of consciousness and drink that nectar, then you are the Rishi, you are the God, the controller and director of your destiny. Experience directing the flow of your energy and the divinely correlated projection of your destiny.

The Soul and the Subtle Self, Turning Your Attention Where You Want it to Go (Kartar Khalsa)

We’re always on our way somewhere. The key is to be deeply at peace on the journey—that is joy. Joy is the sign of using the subtle Self to engage the Soul and turn attention to the unseen, to where you want to go. It engages the unseen Hand of God. It is the difference between making the best of something and the worst of something; it’s called Attitude of Gratitude.

Truth, Royalty and Caliber (Sadhana Singh)

Each breath should communicate your truth, royalty, and caliber as a human being.

WaheGuru! (Joshua Param Sevak)

We radiate Waheguru when our heart chakra is powerfully broadcasting the song of Universal Spirit, transmitting coherent soul-waves of peace, power, and joy. WaheGuru is appreciation-in-action, a feeling of fullness, a state of grace, a devotional prayer, a powerful projection, and a Golden Link to our Universal Teacher. Practice the Kundalini Bhakti technology of kriyas, meditations, pranayam, and kirtan to imprint Waheguru into your DNA and embody the spiritual frequency our bio-bodysuits are designed for.

Shabd Guru Track

Autobiography of an American Sikh (Hari Nam Singh Khalsa)

Hari Nam will talk from the heart about his profound and often complicated transition from Kundalini Yogi to committed Sikh and his 30 years maneuvering along that path. Hari Nam is known as a great storyteller and promises to have some entertaining and impactful stories to share. This workshop will definitely be of general interest to all, but particularly to those who have played with the idea of taking on this commitment and lifestyle themselves.

Chandi Di Var of the Tenth Master and the Psychology of the Mind (Kamalroop Singh)

The Chandi di Var of the tenth master (Guru Gobind Singh) is saturated with Divine radiance. The Sikh Ardas comes from this composition and is infused with Shakti and vir ras (warrior essence). The whole composition is the story of the Feminine Divine and her battle against ignorance. In this workshop we will cover the symbolic aspects of this shabad in relation to the mind. This has rarely been commented on in modern times.

Change is Easy through the Heart (Elizabeth Gurumukh)

The Heart is ruled by Air and the quality of air is that it moves easily with little effort—given the space. Let’s free the heart space so that release and change is easy.

Clearing the Air: Understanding through Compassion and Forgiveness (Baba Singh)

Baba Singh will share his experiences over the past year practicing Rakhe Rakhanhaar to deepen compassion. Yogi Bhajan has said that in the Aquarian Age we should understand through compassion, or else risk misunderstanding the meaning of these times. Join us as we go deep into this shabd and awaken the heart center, the home of the air tattva, in order to strengthen our love for the days ahead.

Dying Into Life (Jivan Joti Khalsa)

Death and loss are universal experiences—for some, a wall; for some, a door, an opportunity for transformation. This class offers Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on the yogic perspective of death and loss with special emphasis on how to prepare oneself and others for this greatest journey. The Pran Bandha Mantra Meditation will be practiced. “Practicing this meditation, you can merge into ‘the greater pranic body’ at the time of death and therefore become deathless.” Yogi Bhajan

Every Word from the Heart: Shabd Guru—the Sacred Power of Air (Guru Singh)

In the physical world of form, everything is a relationship. In the world of relationships, everything is a communication. In the world of communication, when we communicate from the heart (the fourth chakra) we are using the power of the air (the fourth tattva). In this workshop we will connect: Kundalini Yoga, mantras and shabds, and meditation to produce a relationship with our personal power of communication from the heart.

Fly with Guru Arjan to “Khambh Vikaandaray” (Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa)

“If I could find wings on sale…I would attach them to myself and search for that Friend of mine.” We will learn this shabd in Gurmukhi (or transliteration) in Raag Tilang, 12 beat rhythm. Singing this composition gives a feeling of joyful flight. Learning to sing the scale of Raag Tilang (the shabd’s melody and vocal elements) within a 12 beat rhythm, you will gain skills that apply to many other shabds.

Golden Temple Meditation (Guruprem Kaur Khalsa)

The workshop will begin with a walking meditation, as though walking around the Parkarma of the Golden Temple. Then we will “enter” the walkway to the Golden Temple in imagination as we walk down the road to the tepee, where people will meditatively complete their journeys. The Golden Temple will in this way be brought to bless the center of the solstice site, as Amrit Sarovar waters bless surrounding areas with serene healing.

Healthy, Happy, Holy Heart Fest! (Siri-Gian Kaur, Siri Sevak Kaur, Dev Suroop Kaur, GuruMeher Singh)

Your Heart! That’s what makes you really alive and bursting with joy on all levels—great physical health, cozy emotional and mental happiness, and the most satisfying, elevated free flow of your own Spirit, your God Self! Come heal, learn, uplift, and celebrate every bit of your juicy heart with the expert guidance of our Soul Answer University faculty in all of these important areas of your own most precious heart! View our faculty’s tele-classes at www.SoulAnswer.com/university.html.

Introduction to Naad Yoga and Chanting (Amar Singh & Sahib-Amar Kaur Khalsa)

Naad Yoga is the science of sound and mantra and its effect on our consciousness. Chanting or vibrating the Naad through the chakras releases energy blocks, especially at the heart. It’s also lots of fun to join others in creating divine vibration. We all have our own song just waiting to be discovered. In this workshop we will explore and experience our ability to transform ourselves and others through the powerful medium of sound.

Japji Sahib: Recurring Themes and Tips for Memorization (Gurukirn Khalsa)

Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak’s seminal poem, contains many recurring words and lines, creating a structure which lends itself to recitation from memory. This class will highlight these recurring themes, as well as offer tips to keep the order straight so that reciting Japji Sahib from memory is made easier.

Layman’s Guide to Kundalini Mantra and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Elizabeth Gurumukh)

Come learn a simple but profound way to explain the power of our Kundalini Yoga mantras, where they come from, why they work, and how profound they are even when your students don’t understand them. Let’s de-mystify these power tools to make them accessible to everyone. If you’ve not yet moved beyond teaching Sat Nam and Wahe Guru this workshop is for you to feel comfortable to teach more complex mantra.

Naad Yoga: Expanding Your Chanting Voice with Kauri Kriya (Dev Suroop Kaur)

Awaken and expand that divinely satisfying chanting voice within! In the earliest days of 3HO, Yogi Bhajan taught Kauri Kriya as a key Naad Yoga technique for raising the Kundalini and developing the chanting voice. Known as the ‘Mahan Dhiaan,’ or supreme meditation, this kriya was given by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in the late 1600s to train sacred musicians to bring forth a deeply transformative and healing sound current. Rise up and chant strong!

Pavan Guru (Air is the Guru) (Mata Mandir Singh)

This is the concept of Guru Nanak from Japji: Pavan Guru. This line was a mystery to me for many years. A knowledgeable friend made it clear to me when he said, “How we use air determines whether or not we have Guru in our life.” What is Guru? The very guidance and totality of wisdom in the Universe available to all. This class will be mostly sung. We will open our hearts.

Read, Write, and Pronounce Kundalini Yoga Mantras in Gurmukhi (Siri Sevak Kaur Khalsa)

This is a fun informative class on where our mantras come from and how to pronounce them correctly, along with an introduction to reading and writing them in Gurmukhi, the original script. We will end with a meditation from Guru Gobind Singh where we write a mantra at our third eye with the golden pen of our intuition.

Strong as Steel, Steady as Stone: The Sikh Dharma Ministry Enters the Aquarian Age (Dr. Sat Kaur Khalsa, Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa)

The Sikh Dharma Ministry continues to move forward. Join us for our annual Summer Solstice Minister Gathering.

So Purkh: The Sacred Gift of the Heart (Ramdesh Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur)

Join Ramdesh Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur for a journey into the So Purkh, where we will clear our hearts during this year of the heart chakra! Deepen your heart’s relationship with So Purkh, a powerful and sacred shabad. Let the healing energy of this prayer fill your heart, improve your relationships, and attract a divine partner into your life. Nirinjan Kaur will lead us in a beautiful live recitation of So Purkh.

The Air is the Guru (Satkirin Khalsa)

This last line of Jap Ji codifies the practice of Naad Yoga (Gurbani Kirtan) in this Kal Yug for health and happiness and mastery. Saints and the ten Gurus have given us very specific techniques. Capture the optimum use of breath, rhythm, and sacred sounds (Shabds). Tune the instrument of your voice and find applications that sing through your breath and align your ten bodies to internal guidance through the breath of the Guru.

Women’s Teachings Track

Beauty Begins with “Be” (Akalsukh Singh)

Many women have spent years basing their self-worth on whether or not they meet the standards that media and culture have set for them: to be skinny and sexy in order to be truly a woman. How liberating it is to think of your value being defined by your inner light, your radiance, and your grace. Beauty is within; come to sweat, dance, and laugh—while revitalizing your physical and radiant bodies. Self-love is your birthright.

Healing the Wounds of Life (Sat Santokh Singh Khalsa)

In this workshop for women, you will be able to see how you block yourself; acknowledge the wounds and scars you have received to your sense of self; identify the resulting impact on your life; become clear on what negative self images you are carrying; develop tools and techniques to deal with feelings of self-doubt and “not being good enough;” learn how to allow abundance into your life; envision yourself successful in life.

Inhale! The Possibilities by Empowering Your Heart with Prana (Haridass Thi Kim Hoang, PhD)

Does your presence convey majesty, grace, and peace? Is your breath inviting possibilities into your life? Learn to breathe properly. The diaphragmatic breath engages the navel and eases the heart while increasing the pranic reserves. Deep breathing allows ease and grace to enter your heart space of neutrality. Cultivate compassion and accept all. See God in all. Project healing blessings to loved ones and uplift the planet with your projection and prayers. Breathe deeply.

Kundalini Blessings: Intuitive Wisdom (Gurudarshan Khalsa)

Learn how to use the Kundalini Blessings Oracle Cards to deepen your intuition and gain insights and clarity on issues for your life. Oracle Cards are a fun and interactive way to trust and know your intuition. Now you can combine the Oracle Card readings with Kundalini Yoga meditations and actually shift your whole being with the guidance of your oracle reading! Join me and receive the blessings of you!

My Heart is a Jewel: Beyond Depression (Shabad Kaur Khalsa)

Women internalize stress in unique ways, and transformational healing for women best occurs as a result of practiced conscious relaxation. In these uncertain times, a woman’s ability to create her sense of spiritual connectedness is a vital marker for long-term maintenance of her physical, emotional, and psychological health. The best of Kundalini Yoga teachings will be presented for managing stress and achieving core strength through a distinctly women-centered approach to prevent anxiety and depression.

Overcoming Cold Depression: Penetrate the Silence of the Soul (Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa)

Cold Depression is our single biggest challenge as we enter the Aquarian Age. It is a pandemic that comes with the change of the epoch. Cold Depression affects vitality of spirit, our health, addiction patterns, and leads us to behave in ways we would not otherwise. Learn what Cold Depression is, how to identify it, and exactly what you need in order to help your students, clients, and yourself overcome its effects.

Pranayam: The breath of life (Dr. Kartar Khalsa)

Keeping in mind the power of the breath and its relationship to the air tattva, we will work on the heart and lungs to strengthen them as we move into more challenging times. And we will discuss the importance of this relationship between the breath and the air tattva, in particular, how it relates to woman and the times

Recognizing Our Fears—Discovering Who We Are (Siri Kirin Kaur)

Using a meditation to release our chronic fears (including the fear of death) and awaken our intuition will allow us to recognize and let go of these fears and anxieties, enabling us to get out of the way of our ego. We will also do exercises and a kriya and get to the heart of who we truly are—Divine Souls.

The Invincible Woman: Manifest the Shakti in You! (Shakta Kaur Kezios)

Woman is called the ‘Adi Shakti,’ the primal and original creative energy. Yet, how many women feel their power and their invincibility on a daily basis? Women have 16 times more biological and mental capacity than men! But, women can use this ‘16 times’ capacity to either build or destroy themselves. Come explore your ‘invincibility’ with yoga, meditation, live music, and community. All levels welcome.

The Lunar Woman: Experience the Teachings and Teach the Experience (Shakta Kaur Kezios and Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa)

Woman’s basic nature is like the moon which waxes and wanes; while man’s basic nature is like the sun which is continuous and constant. Experience the power of the Lunar Woman teachings; learn the moon center sequence and map your personal pattern; receive tips on how to successfully share these teachings with others. Includes yoga, meditation, lecture, and hand-outs. All levels welcome.

The Practical Magic of the Heart (Esra Banguoglu Ogut-Fateh Kaur)

This class focuses on the balance of the heart center and its effects on communication, psychology, stress, and time management. For example, when the heart energy is too high it results in the inability to listen and manage time. If too low, it causes emotional confusion and even hysteria. We as women can construct heart-based relationships—when what “he does or doesn’t do” is no longer an issue. All change is possible, when it is no longer needed.

Women’s Creative Vitality (Shabad Atma [Alyson] Kaur)

We all are creative beings, but sometimes negativity keeps us from tapping into our visionary spirit. Through the power of Kundalini Yoga, we will release negative thought patterns that are keeping us from living our fullest lives. We’ll reclaim the love of ourselves and our lives through directing the mind to focus on positive aspects of ourselves. Finally, we will learn how to walk our path with assurance and joy in an uplifting, safe, shakti-fied environment.

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  1. Adi Shakti says:

    I will not be able to make it to Solstice this year probably. I will be there in Spirit. It looks like an amazing lineup! Hopefully some of it will be online.
    Much Love and many blessings

    Adi Shakti

  2. Prem Siri Kaur says:

    Sat Nam! Yes, the schedule looks great! I am planning to attend only a few days this year, and I was wondering when will the schedule including days/hours be available?


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