Harnam Singh

FRIDAY, JUNE 28th, 2013
7:00am – 8:15am Early Morning Workshops

Merge with the Infinite ~ Harnam, (Chant) Air Tent
Lose yourself in the power of the sacred sound current and discover a deeper and more profound understanding of who you really are. By tuning into the higher frequencies of mantra we become one with that vibration and lose the ego in the process. This opens our hearts and minds to allow love, healing, and abundance to flow through our lives! This workshop will feature live music from Harnam’s new CD, and Ramdesh Kaur will lead a special meditation.

Harnam is a dedicated Kundalini Yoga teacher and musician, currently touring to promote his new CD “A Fearless Heart.” A master of Bound Lotus Kriya and a favorite on the devotional music scene, he is known for his sweet acoustic guitar work, soulful voice and uplifting songs.


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