Adarsh Kaur

 SATURDAY, JUNE  22nd, 2013

7am – 8:15am Morning Workshops

Celestial Communication: Meditation on the One Soul ~ Adarsh Kaur Khalsa, CA (Move) Fire Ten
Celestial Communication is a moving meditation and a communication with your own soul and the One Soul. In this class we will explore a variety of mantras and how our soul vibrates with the Shabad Guru technology. We will also practice Celestial Communication with partners in a mirroring exercise, to see and experience the One Soul in All. From this class, you will gain a deeper connection with the mantras and another methodology for connecting soul to soul.

Adarsh Kaur Khalsa lives in Los Angeles, CA where she teaches Kundalini Yoga and Celestial Communication, and is the Teacher Training Administrator and Retail Manager at Yoga West. Adarsh Kaur shares her love of Celestial Communication through videos and writing at

Video of Adarsh Kaur speaking about Celestial Communication:

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