Dharam Dev Kaur

SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd, 2013

2:00pm – 3:30pm Afternoon Workshops

Grief and It’s Gifts ~ Dharam Dev Kaur Khalsa, MFT, LPCC, CA (Heal) Fire Tent

It is natural to grieve over the loss of a loved one or end of a relationship. It is self-defeating, however, to romance that loss. Acknowledge the gifts in your relationships and begin to live and enjoy life in the present with the empowering Kundalini Yoga Set for Releasing Anger, Fear and Grief, and Meditation to Release Sadness and Emptiness in the Heart.

Dharam Dev Kaur, a Marriage and Family Counselor in Beverly Hills, combines cutting-edge spiritual and psychological counseling modalities. “Each of us is born whole and complete with often untapped wisdom within. It is our birthright to live our full potential, facing the challenges of the Aquarian Age with courage and grace.”



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