DukhNiwaran Kaur

Friday June 21, 2013

10:30am – 12:30pm Morning Workshops

Excellence and Fearlessness through Guru Gobind Singh ~ DukhNiwaran Kaur Khalsa, IL (KY) Fire Tent

The energy of Guru Gobind Singh is in you. When we move through fear into action and when we compassionately conquer our internal demons, we are living in the spirit of Guru Gobind Singh. We create a life of excellence following the clear message of our soul with his supportive hand pulling us up. This class will evoke this energy in you through the power of the navel center and the sacred vibration of Guru Gobind Singh’s Shabad, Chattr Chakkr Vartee.

DukhNiwaran Kaur has been an inspiring Kundalini Yoga teacher in Chicago since 1997. She engages deeply with her own soul to share her love of Kundalini Yoga. As a professional teacher trainer, a massage therapist and community leader, she strives to live authentically in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.


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