Guru Singh

SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd, 2013
3:45pm – 5:15pm Afternoon Workshops

The Mirrors of Our Lives ~ Guru Singh, CA (KY) Tantric Shelter
Recognize means to ‘re’ ‘cognize’ or to ‘know’ once ‘again.’ This class will produce the “deep sensing in zero space” that comes with a yogic state in higher consciousness where we fully experience the other person as a mirroring of our deeper self. We will use lecture, warmups with group interactions, kriya, pranayam, and chanting with a closing meditation focusing on setting our intentions for the remainder of our Solstice experience in the days that follow and the years to come.


3:45 – 5:15pm 

Bringing Solstice Home — Camp Closing with Guru Singh and friends ~ Air Tent
Explore ways to continue the transformations begun at Solstice with a Yogi Bhajan video,  music jam with Guru Ganesha Singh and dance jam.

Guru Singh is a third generation yogi; his ancestors served Paramahansa Yogananda until his death in 1952. Guru Singh began his yoga studies with masters in 1950. He started Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan January 10th 1969. A KRI Lead Trainer and Sikh Minister, Guru Singh teaches throughout the world. 


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