Gurudev Kaur

SUNDAY, JUNE 23th, 2013

7:00am – 8:15am Early Morning Workshops

Fill Your Cup with Compassion: Learning to Let it Be and Love ~ Gurudev Kaur, NM ~ Air Tent
Relationships can trigger and challenge us. When we can respond with the softness of the heart, triggers are transformed into blessings and challenges change into opportunities for kindness. We can train our hearts to be the first responders to difficult times. By practicing the feeling of a calm heart and by bringing our sadhana to life throughout the day, we learn to let go of our need to react and attack and instead come from that which we truly are—love.

Gurudev Kaur’s deep passion for the transformative power and healing benefits of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation come through during her empowering classes where she incorporates yoga kriyas (postures), pranayam (breathing) exercises, mantra, mudra and music to create opportunities for the inner wisdom of each participant to shine. Gurudev teaches Kundalini Yoga because she has seen over and over again how it changes people’s lives by awakening creative potential; harnessing the energy of the mind and the emotions; strengthening the nerves, glands, and lungs; and ultimately, uniting one with their soul.

Gurudev has been teaching Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops to business teams, women’s circles and students of all ages and abilities since 2002. She now plays an integral role in sharing the tools and practice of Kundalini Yoga worldwide as the Marketing Director of 3HO International, whose mission is to serve, inspire, and empower humanity to be healthy, happy, and holy.


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