GuruMeher Singh

MONDAY, JUNE 24th, 2013

10:30am – 12:30pm Morning Workshops

I Feel You: Use Your Empathy to Create Intimacy ~ GuruMeher S. Khalsa, CA (L/D) Earth Tent

We thrive on connection, closeness, and oneness. That requires openness. But when you allow others into your heart you can get hurt. How to trust? Tap the full intuitive power of your emotions; develop protective strength to handle over-sensitivity and difficult emotions in yourself and others; find the compassionate trust in yourself needed to safely connect deeply with others. When you learn to trust the inner guidance of your feelings, you can balance your own needs with the expectations of others.

GuruMeher, meaning “compassionate teacher,” has taught Kundalini Yoga and trained and mentored teachers for 32 years. Using yoga as a life coach to heal and elevate others, he discovered Senses of the Soul, the meditative use of emotions for self-guidance, inner-strength and spiritual well-being. He offers training, workshops, group and private coaching.

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