GuruPrem Singh

MONDAY, JUNE 24nd, 2013
10:30am – 12:30pm Morning Workshops

Secrets of the Sacred Core, Part 2 ~ GuruPrem Singh Khalsa, CA (KY) Air Tent

Come discover a Master key, that can help you be truly you, divinely aligned, with navel intelligence, open-hearted and empty headed! Use Divine Alignment to open your hips, heal your heart and experience ease. Learn how to have a more powerful, comfortable and transformational experience with your practice. Kriya, Meditation & Live Music!

GuruPrem Singh Khalsa was named ‘Posture Master’ by Yogi Bhajan. He is a Master Yogi and he has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 30 years. He is certified K.R.I. Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and an advanced Kundalini and Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. An expert on body awareness in relation to personal growth, he travels all over the world teaching the tools and rules of Divine Alignment and having your Heart Rule.

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