Jot Singh

MONDAY, JUNE 21st, 2013
10:30am – 12:30pm

Embracing Prosperity Consciousness ~ Jot Singh Khalsa, MA (KY) Water Tent
We will delve into the profound and precious teachings of Yogi Bhajan on prosperity including tips and guidelines on how powerful transformation will occur in your life through consistency and focus in your Kundalini Yoga practice, so that all that you need can be provided to bring fulfillment and prosperity. An in-depth immersion, utilizing specific kriyas and meditations encouraging alignment towards abundance. Open yourself to recognize opportunities and a new world of connections!

Jot Singh practices and teaches Kundalini Yoga and meditation. His yogic and Dharmic practices and Yogi Bhajan have given him valuable insights, as well as tools for deep relaxation and accessing gifts and potential. Martial arts, which he has enjoyed for 25+ years, has been another source of relaxation, exercise, and self-confidence. He also serves as a Sikh minister. He is a skilled jeweler ( and has shared the wonderful science of Kundalini Yoga with many people through yoga classes, at knife shows (kirpans), and yoga-related venues worldwide for over 35 years.


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