Kartar Singh (NM)

FRIDAY, JUNE 28th, 2013
10:30am – 12:30pm – Morning Workshops

The Reflection of the Breath ~ Dr. Kartar Khalsa, NM  (KY) Fire Tent

As Human beings we all share the opportunity to breathe, from the first gasp to the last exhale. Come experience and share what we all have in common. The breath is a mirror to recognizing the other person is you. Through Kundalini Yoga and meditation we will optimize our selves and witness the breath, its power, and its effects.

Dr.Kartar Khalsa, co-creator of The Cleanse of Santa Fe, combines the expertise of a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a trained Acupuncturist, and a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. Dr.Kartar uses his expertise in Chinese medicine and Herbology to create cleansing products and detoxification programs for people all over the world

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