Raghubir Kaur

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

7:00am – 8:15am Early Morning Workshops

Living in your Self-Consolidated Ecstasy ~ Raghubir Kaur, CA (KY) Air Tent
”Regulate the giver of your life, the praana, and balance the praana, apaana and udyaana so that you can always be in your self-consolidated ecstasy.” -Yogi Bhajan
When your subtle energies are balanced, you enjoy health, joy, and the one-ness of all beings. Kundalini Yoga and meditation to revitalize, open energy channels, stimulate the hypothalamus, and allow the energy to ascend to the heights. Experience that you and the Supreme Self are united. Class ends with gong relaxation.

Raghubir Kaur teaches classes and workshops throughout Los Angeles. She strives to present the teachings accurately and with the devotion of a student whose life has been transformed by their practice. She is also a successful artist and textile designer, and owner of Kundalink.com, a company that serves our community by offering white cotton clothing, head coverings, and accessories.


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