Free tenting is always available!

Yogi Bhajan recommended camping upon the beautiful land of Guru Ram Das Puri to keep us connected to the Earth and to the Solstice energy. Most attendees bring their own tents and camping gear.

Please set up your tent in the designated tenting areas. There is no additional charge for tenting. Many enjoy the convenience of tenting by the Tantric Shelter, but this area is the most open and therefore exposed to higher winds. There are plenty of other areas that are more protected if you feel your tent may not be able to withstand high winds.

Tent Set-Up Crew

Need help setting up your tent? A devoted group of Karma Yogis will be available to serve you! Our Tent Set-up Service is available free to seniors and yogis with disabilities. The Tent Set-up Crew will also serve others in need of assistance for a  donation.

Cabins, Tents & RV’s

Tent and Cabin Rental: $208/sleeping space


Tenters will be renting a cot in a tent; not the entire tent unless you are a family.  These are all located in Shakti Valley.

    • In an effort to accommodate those that could otherwise not attend tents will be available for Families, Seniors, International Travelers and those with handicaps ONLY UNTIL MAY 31st (Adobe Cabins have upper bunks open for all attendees except children without the need for a code.)
    • 20 tents available.
    • 17 rental tents are located on level sites in Shakti Valley; 3 tents will be by the Tantric Shelter for Handicapped only.
    • There are 2 cots (no mattresses) per tent with space for luggage, etc. Only 2 people to a tent except for Family tents.
    • Each tent will be set up prior to your arrival.
    • Reserve the cot when you register on-line for the event.
    • Suitable for a married couple, 2 friends of the same gender or families.
    • Families tents are $416 and have 2 cots, plenty of floor space for children 17 and under and luggage.
    • Facilities nearby.



Morgan Cabins

In an effort to accommodate those that could otherwise not attend, Morgan cabins will be available to seniors, and those with disabilities ONLY until June 1st.

– There are 4 cots available per cabin and there are 4 cabins.
– Basic sleeping accommodations with no air conditioning, running water, or bathrooms.
– Bathroom facilities are nearby.
– Please bring your own bedding.
– Approximately 2/10 of a mile from Tantric Shelter.


Adobe Cabins 

There are 2 sections per cabin, each section has 4 bunk beds (8 bunks) and there are 4 cabins

– Basic sleeping accommodations with no electricity, air conditioning, running water, or bathrooms.
– Bathroom facilities nearby.
– Please bring your own bedding.
– Approximately, 3/10 mile from Tantric Shelter


RV / 5th Wheel / Tent Trailer

Vehicle 24 ft. and Over:  $254
Vehicle Under 24 ft.:  $154

      • Available for seniors, individuals with disabilities and special needs circumstances. A registration code is necessary to purchase these spaces: click here to apply.  You will receive a registration code via email.
      • 19 spaces available.
      • Registered RV / 5th Wheel parking spot recipients will be issued a parking permit when checking-in at Registration Trailer. Only registered RVs / 5th Wheels will be allowed to park at Guru Ram Das Puri.
      • Please be advised that there are no water or electric hookups.
      • No generators are allowed to run between 10:00 p.m. and 3:45 a.m.
      • If your vehicle is a van or truck-bed camper that fits in a standard size parking spot, you may park in the parking area at no additional cost.

 RV Spaces:

This map does not update when participants register for a space so if you are unable to register for the space you would like it is because  it is no longer  available.

Dark Blue Spaces are for under 24′ RV’s or Tent Trailers – Lighter Blue Spaces are for 24′ and over.

Local Accommodations


If you are unable to tent due to health or other reasons, there are some hotels in Española about 25 minutes from Guru Ram Das Puri. Visit the Española Online website for more information about hotel accommodations.

Ashram Accommodations

Other options are studios/rooms located in Española near the Hacienda Guru Ram Das Ashram. For details, visit the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram website  and Legacy of Yogi Ji Foundation LYF.

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