The Hukam

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The Hukam


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Here’s the story:

The story behind this song is a bit of a hair-raiser. This is the hukam that was read the day I received a message from the Guru: “I’m sending your husband.” It was a beautiful Autumn Sunday morning and I arrived at Gurdwara to rest and recuperate from the recently completed Immersion Course. To say I was bone-weary would be an understatement. I just wanted to bow and listen for awhile and then return home to take a nap. Instead I was asked to sit behind the Guru–and that was the beginning. As I was sitting behind the Guru, suddenly my spine straightened up, as if someone had run a finger up my spine. Chin in, chest out, I heard a voice say to me, I’m sending your husband. Well, you can imagine my reaction. Nevertheless, I stayed for the Ardas and the Hukam to be read and received the confirmation in these words: “you have prepared your bed in good faith, rejoice for the bridegroom has come.”

I began to chant this Hukam everyday, knowing its significance. Less than three weeks later I received an e-mail from the man who is now my husband. Our marriage was arranged by the Guru and this song is a celebration of that divine union.
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Sat Nam, Sat Purkh

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