Awtar Kaur

Sunday, December 22, 2013

7:15am – 8:30am Early Morning Classes

How Much “Other” Can We Recognize?Awtar Kaur, (L/D) Fire Tent
Do we celebrate diversity in age, nationality, ethnicity, religion, ability, and gender identity? Can we remove enforced or self-imposed barriers based on financial challenges, body size or flexibility? This workshop invites all to explore how to cultivate full participation and leadership in our community. We will take time to explore judgments and biases that affect us and fellow yogis. We’ll do the Kriya for Tolerance (Inclusion) and the Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity.


Awtar Kaur Khalsa sat at the feet of Yogi Bhajan with a notebook, timer, and camera, prompting him to remark, “She has perfect notes.” She seeks to facilitate group consciousness, a connection that acknowledges the oneness of universal consciousness and respects the diversity of individual consciousness. Awtar teaches worldwide, using generous doses of humor to inspire students to expand. She has been living, studying, and teaching in Kundalini Yoga ashrams since 1972. Now she directs the San Francisco Kundalini Yoga Center (, where she lives with her husband, daughter and half a dozen other ashram members. She leads annual Level 1 Aquarian Teacher Trainings in San Francisco. This fall she will also facilitate Level 2 Mind & Meditation on September 28-30 & October 5-7, and will teach at Tahoe Women’s Camp on October 12-14.

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