Sat Nam Dear Friends–
In preparation for this year’s Women’s Camp in the theme of COURAGE, we invite you to consider these questions and write a statement, send a short video, or express your feelings around Courage through art.  The questions below ask you to look inward at how you embody courage in your life today and discover areas where you want to grow your Courage.  During our week at Women’s Camp we will have the opportunity to support and inspire each other with our stories, and call on the Divine Feminine Adi Shakti to elevate, support and harvest the courage deep within so that each of us can leave empowered with a new found courage that is our truth and power as woman.

  • What is your ideal vision of your life as a courageous woman?
  • Where do you see yourself showing courage in the world today?
  • In what areas of your life do you feel like you lack courage today?
  • In what areas of your life would you like to feel more courageous in the world?
  • What are the obstacles you see to having courage?
  • What ways do you see to overcome those obstacles to courage?
  • What practices and tools do you use to help increase your courage?
  • What are you willing to do to bring more courage in your life?
Dhyan Kaur, our Social Network Visionary for Women’s Camp may post and share your content on the 3HO networks to inspire other women to express their feelings on Courage.  Wahe Guru and Thank you for going deep inside to tap into your Courage.
Thank you to Harjot Kaur for putting the idea above together in your thoughtful words and vision.

Gurudev Kaur’s Video on Courage:

Watch live streaming video from 3hotv at livestream.com





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International Women’s Camp needs You!

IWC is a special event that comes together with the hard work, dedication and loving service of many women.  IWC Service Exchange is an amazing way to experience International Women’s Camp. Not only do you take part in the majority of the program offerings, you also engage deeply by doing self-less service alongside other women to create a sacred space for all. Many women say that Service Exchange is a highly personal, richly rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to arrive at a higher frequency via hard work, love and laughter.

If you’re ready to take your experience of service to the next level consider joining us as an Area Manger.  Area Managers pay only $108 to attend IWC.   For IWC 2012 we are in need of Managers in the following areas (click on the position for more information and go to the online application):


Events Assistant

Programming Manger

Karma Yoga Manager

Grounds Manager

Healthcare Manager

Set Up/ Break Down Manager

Note Preference is given to those who have attended at least one IWC before.

You can also serve IWC as a Service Exchange Participant more information here.

Or by volunteering to lead a section of Sadhana or Gurdwara, information here.


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